How to buy a truck from NCL Truck Sales?

Buying a truck with NCL is easy as 1-2-3.

1. Choose one or more trucks from more than 100s listed on our inventory at www.NCLTRUCKS.com

2. You can inspect the trucks whenever is a convenient time for you or you can hire a professional inspection company for them to perform a complete report for you.

3. After the inspection is done and you're 100% satisfied with the equipment, payment must be sent immediately to secure the deal. The titles will be mailed to you via Express mail within 3-5 business days.


What if you don't have the truck I need?

Feel free to call our professional sales team at 917.979.4456 or and we'll be happy to find the right truck with the specs you need in timely manner.


What forms of payment do you accept? Can I pay with a credit card?

The only forms of payment accepted are:

   -  Bank wire transfer

   - Company or personal check

   - Certified check or money order

Important. The equipment will not be released until the payment is fully cleared on our end.


Do you offer truck financing?

Yes. Financing can be provided on most deals via a third-party financial company. Terms and conditions may vary. Exclusions apply.


Do  the truck you sell come with any warranty?

It depends. Most trucks come as is / no warranty ('Caveat Emptor'). This is where the definition role of the truck dealer comes in.  At NCL, our best prices are based on solid checks we carry out to make sure that you are buying a sturdy truck that is going to bring you miles of profitable business.

Some trucks however do come with the remaining manufacturer warranty (5 year / 500k miles) and some parts are also covered up to 750k miles.

Do you offer truck and equipment transportation?

Yes, transportation is available. More info here  


Can you dismantle and ship the truck overseas?

Truck dismantling (disassembling) can be performed at any of our professional dismantle facilities:

Chicago, IL Newark, NJ
Savannah, GA Oklahoma city, OK
Long Beach, CA Dallas, TX
Seattle, WA Boston, MA
Miami, FL Toronto, CANADA
Houston, TX  

Important! Unlike most others, we DO NOT cut the roof! More information on how to send a truck (or heavy equipment) in container check here

Ro-Ro service is also available at multiple U.S. and Canadian ports. 


Do you require deposits?

A 20% deposit is required to put the truck on hold for you. It is refundable and a solid guarantee that your desired truck will not be sold while you're on the way to inspect it.


Can I trade in my used truck?

We do not have a trade-in policy at this moment.