Professional truck inspection from qualified specialists of NCL Truck Sales Inc.

Anyone, planning to sell, or, vice versa, purchase any new or used truck, can order truck inspection at NCL Truck Sales Inc. You are given the detailed report about the truck condition and possible services it can go through. It is done as buying any vehicle is always a procedure involving a thorough inspection of all visible units. However, not every driver can professionally examine existing hidden defects of a truck. NCL Trucks provides professional heavy vehicle inspection, including complex technical diagnostics of the truck before the deal. The customer is given the full list of the found out malfunctions or the guaranteed acknowledgment of their absence. Each truck inspection is carried out with using modern equipment and in a short time (2-3 days).

NCL Trucks uses the up-to-date equipment that allows conducting comprehensive tests of all truck systems with the detection of hidden problems. Qualified specialists with a wide experience of work quickly carry out heavy vehicle inspection providing it in short terms. Getting these vehicle inspection services that cost only $275, you get the following advantages:

  • significant cash savings;
  • the real truck value determining;
  • honest comprehensive inspection of the truck’s technical condition.

These NCL services are profitable both for a buyer and a seller.

Qualified truck inspection from professionals

On the completion of the heavy vehicle inspection, the customer is given a report about the truck. This document that has the major data concerning the vehicle condition is the great assistance in determining the value of the truck. The provided report has minimum twenty pictures of the inspected stuff with an indication of found problems or their absence. Full vehicle diagnostics before buying or selling the truck is the most important moment of the deal, allowing learning all the information about the technical condition of the vehicle. The NCL team provides professional truck inspection assistance. Professionalism is guaranteed as well as the high quality of any job done.

Buying or selling a vehicle, especially a CDL truck is always an important event, especially when you deal with the used vehicle. Modern trucks consist of many units and parts. Each truck inspection includes examining the vehicle:

  • engine
  • air suspension
  • braking system
  • power system and fuel pump
  • hydraulics
  • lighting
  • light signaling and much more.


Contemporary computer diagnostics are used when checking the truck electronic systems. NCL Trucks works with almost all models of CDL trucks and sleepers or day cabs including Volvo, Kenworth, VNL’s, Peterbilt, Freightliner Columbia or Cascadia, etc. Many clients enjoy the service of the truck delivery also offered for all clients. Shipping of the trucks that passed tests after inspection can be shipped even to Cambodia, Vietnam, Savannah (GA), Africa from Fontana (CA), Newark (NJ).


Example for inspection report here