Get the best used truck to buy from NCL Trucks.

It is not that easy to find a good truck. Our company is here to help you! NCL Truck Sales Inc is the wholesale marketplace with hundreds of vehicles around the United States. It does not matter, what model you need to purchase or lease and where do you live – NCL Truck Sales Inc. employees will do everything in order to provide you with the best used truck you search for. We have been engaged in this business for many years and learned how to serve our customers with a huge line of heavy and medium duty trucks and the highest quality of service you could ever imagine. NCL Trucks values revolve around preciseness, quality, and honesty – and we are always ready to prove it.

How do we provide our customer with the best used truck?

Days and nights NCL Truck Sales Inc. workers search for the most profitable offers around the country. We are interested in all possible types and brands of trucks for the best price. Usually, used trucks require a lot of work, including:

  • technical inspection;
  • cleaning;
  • broken parts repair.

We try to make the best offer on used trucks market. You will not only get the best used truck to buy, but also will be provided with the maintenance records and all other documentation required.

Advantages of truck purchasing with NCL Truck Sales Inc.:

  • wholesale deals/wholesale price;
  • most trucks come in DOT condition;
  • huge variety of American semi trucks;
  • financing available*;
  • extended warranty available for purchase (exclusions apply);
  • drive-away service;
  • worldwide shipping available via Ro-Ro or container.

Where can you find the best used truck?

Consider the offers on our site according to the desired state. We work everywhere, but the bigger the region – the easier it will be to find the best used truck to buy. Check the list of our most popular states:

  • Texas (TX);
  • Tennessee (TN);
  • Missouri (MO);
  • Illinois (IL);
  • Indiana (IN);
  • Georgia (GA);
  • Iowa (IA).

When you finally find what you were looking for, simply press Contact me button. You will receive all kinds of customer support. We will be very glad to offer you the best used truck to buy and help you to make your dream come true.

Used trucks abroad – the easiest way to receive the desired vehicle in Vietnam

We are happy to help our foreign friends. NCL Truck Sales Inc. is ready to ship the best used truck to many countries around the world, including Vietnam.

Several years ago we were very surprised to know that American trucks are really popular among Vietnamese businessmen. Since then we work with our partners in Vietnam on a regular basis. You can order any truck you want and it will be shipped right away. The Company operates on the principles of door-to-door service: you will get the purchased vehicle through the sea with a minimum of interruption and delay. Our employees will help you to get all the documentation needed to complete legal registration of the transport in Vietnam.

There is no need to worry about anything – we use only trustworthy cargo carriers and the truck you bought will be delivered in a perfect condition. Moreover, even if something does happen with it (though this is very unlikely), you will get the full refund of your money, since everything is always insured.


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