Volvo sleeper truck: how to choose?

Have you decided to buy Volvo sleeper truck? Remember that cargo transportation for thousands of miles requires the use of a reliable truck which has a set of conditions to promote high productivity of the driver. Sleeper trucks are given those conditions.

Main features of Volvo sleeper truck

Before buying such expensive transport it is very important to determine a specific list of tasks and goals that are planned to be implemented with its help. Various truck models from Volvo for sale have their own specific features and differences:

  • cab type;
  • wheel formulas;
  • engine power;
  • gearbox type;
  • number of axles;
  • suspension type, etc.

The construction of the cabin and the body can have separate structural elements for comfortable control, which affects the driving comfort and the ability to overcome long distances. In addition, the size and aerodynamic performance of the cabin directly affect fuel consumption and the truck economic efficiency.

How to choose truck Volvo sleeper truck?

To choose the right model of Volvo sleeper truck, you need to answer the following questions:

  • for what purposes you are purchasing the truck (the type of transported cargo, its volume and weight, the daily distance, routes, operating region, type and features of the semi-trailer with which the machine is planned to operate, etc.);
  • which type of trucks is most suitable for performing the assigned tasks (trucks can be conditionally divided into regional and cross-country models, as well as high-class machines depending on the configuration, load capacity and withstand loads);
  • how much money I’m ready to spend (calculate the cost of the work performed and the payback period of the investment).

Type of brake system is an important aspect when choosing a truck. It is determined based on the type of road surface on which the technique is to be driven. Choose trucks with disc brakes on all axles, due to their high braking efficiency for long distance haulage along mostly asphalted roads of medium and high quality. For work in harsh conditions with the probability of dirt and dust penetration into the brake mechanisms of when working in the mud and it is recommended to choose the drum-type brake mechanisms because they are dust and dirt resistant.

Volvo sleeper truck is optimal to buy

Volvo sleeper truck is one of the most popular models. It has proven itself as a reliable technique for overcoming thousands of kilometers including transatlantic travels. The driver's and passenger's seats are on the air suspension are equipped with anatomical armrests. The driver's seat has heating and ventilation.

Head restraints of a sleeping place are raised by the shock-absorber; therefore, it is possible to sleep comfortably even without a pillow. In many models, there is a retractable refrigerator, as well as a metal safe securely attached to the bottom.

There are many boxes here that will be useful for storing a large number of things. Volvo sleeper truck is the efficient tool for business which allows you to achieve any delivery deadlines and traffic volumes.

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