Used heavy equipment for sale is a great opportunity to complement or to start your business using dump trucks, garbage trucks, mixer trucks, wheel loaders, crawlers/carriers, etc.

How to choose used heavy equipment for sale

A dump truck is can be unloaded independently. It can be a trailer, a semi-trailer or a truck with a bunker-type bodywork. Those trucks are necessary when performing large amounts of construction and road works including the quarrying sector. This technique is unloaded when the body is tilted by hydraulic or telescopic lifts. If you are going to buy wheel loader for sale, you should give answers to the following questions:

  • What are the dimensions and weight of the cargo?
  • At what height do you need to load the material?
  • Do you intend to perform the similar operations?

Choosing mixer trucks, the basic indicator is the volume of the mixing drum, as well as the productivity of the mixture at the outlet. Automatic control over the quality and humidity of concrete is a convenient functional supplement that is inherent in newer models.

If you want to purchase garbage truck, it is necessary to pay attention to the operational territory. The convenience of the entrance, the garbage collection route, and other characteristics are important if you plan to use the machine in a city. The amount of garbage is also important. The optimal choice is models that have a body volume about 16 cubic meters. Models with rear loading are more convenient because they allow maneuvering in the city.

Look at the appearance of the heavy equipment

The truck is operated outdoors, and sometimes under rather extreme conditions, which can affect the work of transport. The presence of dents, chips, and scratches can tell a lot, but an inspection of the top of the cabin and body will help to make the complete picture. Whether the integrity remains, whether there is corrosion, whether replacement of plastic details is necessary? Work and comfort of the driver depend on these factors.

Cabin Inspection

You need to inspect the heavy equipment from the inside not only for the abrasions and tightness of the cabin but also for the sake of checking all the systems. Before you start the engine, you need to make sure that all the necessary light bulbs on the panel are lit, and the extra ones are not turned on. Then you should check the headlights, direction indicators, alarms and other no less important systems.

Engine inspection

At this point, it is worthwhile to stay more thoroughly. The engine is the heart of the machine and further successful operation depends on the condition of it. Heavy equipment is a machine for heavy work, long trips and extreme conditions. The engine wears out much faster than a usual car that does not leave the city. Inspection of the engine should start from the outside. Inspect for leaks, dirt, or traces of other liquids. Additional equipment including fuel pump, cooling system and turbocharging should also not have claimed to appearance. The absence of moisture, stains, and rust will say that the engine was serviced and cleaned. But a complete check of used heavy equipment for sale includes not only an external inspection but also how the engine works at idle and on the run.

Remember, when checking the used heavy equipment for sale for suitability, it should not be forgotten that the dumper wheel loader was actively exploited. That’s why, you cannot make claims to it, as to a new motor transport. Heavy equipment dealers are ready to offer affordable prices and wide range.


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