Reefer trailer for sale is a best option to expand your business if you are going to enter the market of transporting of perishable foodstuffs and other goods that require cooling.

How to choose reefer trailer for sale?

Refrigeration units in reefer trailer and semi-trailer also come in different types:

  • autonomous (driven by a self-powered diesel engine);
  • driven by an electric motor;
  • with eutectic plates (a special liquid that transforms into a solid phase at a temperature of -18° C, which prevents the appearance of ice, using No Frost technology);

Manufacturers use the model of an isothermal assembly of a trailer for more efficient use of refrigeration systems when the skeleton of trailers has very high thermal insulation properties. This is achieved in the following way: the frame is assembled from so-called sandwich panels and the voids between panels are filled with polyurethane foam of a special consistency. The price of the trailer depends on the quality of the plastic, its thickness and strength.

Hull of a reefer trailer

Buying a reefer trailer for sale, you should make sure that there is no deterioration of the carcass and engine components that provide the necessary temperature mode. On the body, there shouldn’t be any large cracks and there shouldn’t be any gaps in plating junction. You should buy refrigerated trailer during your personal inspection in the daytime. Close the door and check the integrity of the plating from the inside for the penetration of light rays.

Check the sides for integrity and also check the floor. The main heat loss is occurring through an improperly equipped bottom. Competent floor equipment implies the setting of several layers of rubberized plywood. In some cases, aluminum sheets are also used as this also improves the heat reflection from the outside.

Refrigeration unit

There should be as little burrs and rust as possible on the refrigerating unit. Substances that fill the unit are usually very chemically active and they do not worth anything to eat metal pipes and body parts with worn tubes junctions through which they circulate. Most of the reagents are tinted by manufacturers in a special bright color, usually blue or green so that leaks can be seen. According to the external condition of the refrigerating unit of the trailer, you can judge how carefully it was operated by the previous owner. If the refrigeration unit requires repair, ask yourself beforehand of what price it will cost you.

Check the temperature of a refeer trailer

Checking the quality of temperature maintenance should also be included in the list of mandatory procedures before purchase. Deep-frozen products, for example, such as meat carcasses on hooks and fresh frozen fish are transported for long distances at temperatures from -24 to -12 C. The ability to maintain this temperature mode for a long time should be checked.

The location of the refrigeration unit is one of the moments that require attention. Binding to the hull must be resistant to shaking and there should be no backlash because the weight of the refrigeration unit is large enough. And if the binding managed to loosen up during the use of the trailer so there is a probability of the hull of the trailer being destroyed from shaking on the first run.


Great Dane reefer trailer is very popular among carriers due to a reliable refrigerator and high-quality thermal insulation. Utility and Wabash companies produce high-quality reefer trailers with different temperature modes and reliable hulls.

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