On our site, you can find the best used Mack truck sleeper for a reasonable amount of money. This brand offers one of the most versatile and practical vehicles for everyday use. Every trucker, who is looking for a good model on the secondary market, should consider buying a Mack truck sleeper since it offers an exceptional quality, great fuel efficiency and last, but not least – amazingly comfortable sleeping accommodations.

Given that this brand offers lots of various models, everyone should be able to get a perfectly suitable truck for their needs. Even used Mack sleepers are very stable and trustworthy options – they do not require much maintenance and are very easy and cheap to repair, which is a very important feature (especially for novice truckers who do not have much experience nor money for constant repairs). Let us make a quick buying guide for a Mack truck sleeper to assist those who are currently in search for a good freight vehicle.

Types of Mack truck sleeper that you can find on the market

The number of axles on a heavy duty truck is, perhaps, its most important characteristic. A single axle vehicle has a sole set of driven wheels, while tandem axle and tri-axle correspondingly offer two and three sets of driven wheels. You can easily find a Mack truck sleeper of tandem and tri-axle types.

Dual axle sleeper trucks are generally used in medium- and heavy-duty vehicles. They are cheaper and more compact than their tri axle counterparts. In our opinion, best Mack tandem axle sleeper trucks are Pinnacle CXU613 and Pinnacle CXU612. Both of these models can be used with great comfort for transporting heavy loads during the long hauls. Thanks to the MP engine that comes with trucks of this series, they offer enough power for heavy loads transportation and the fuel efficiency for longer rides that will help you to maximize the profit.

Tri axle trucks have use three axles that are arranged together. It is the perfect option for heavy cargo transportation needs that require more traction than standard trucks with two axles can offer. Considering their ability to distribute an equal load weight across its three axles at all times, tri-axle trucks are much more stable and reliable. We think that the best Mack truck sleeper with three axles is yet again provided with Pinnacle series. The model CH613 is a good and inexpensive choice that offers everything that you would expect from a decent truck. It is easy to maintain, comfortable to sleep in and a pure joy to drive.


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