Both experienced and novice drivers are interested in Mack day cab trucks for sale. There are reasons why this brand is so popular: its products are safe, reliable, versatile, and last, but not least, inexpensive. Today we are going to review the best used day cab Mack trucks for sale that you can find on the secondary market. Since this brand offers a plethora of various models, it is possible to choose a perfectly suitable truck for your needs. Mack day cab trucks for sale are trustworthy and dependable vehicles – they are easy to maintain and cheap to repair. You can find spare parts for them basically in every auto shop, which is very useful for any used truck owner. So, what model should you buy? Currently, the Mack brand has six series of vehicles and each of them includes day cub trucks. Let us take a look at the best of them!

Mack Anthem — top-notch technologies and impeccable quality

Anthem is one of the most recent Mack models. It is truly a flagman: a long hood with a bulldog figure, a massive front bumper with chrome inserts and a spoiler at the bottom, wide wings with new built-in LED lights that are 66% brighter than normal. Another distinctive feature — additional rear-view mirrors, placed directly on the hood. They not only improve the rearward visibility but also help a driver to minimize the blind spots.

Despite the external massiveness and magnificence, the aerodynamics of this truck is worked out perfectly. The shape of the cockpit and the spoiler under the bumper allows to save up to 3% of fuel compared to the previous model. As for powertrains and transmissions, Anthem offers just a huge selection. You can choose one of the 11- and 13-liter engines with a 325 to 505 liters capacity and mechanical, robotic or fully automatic transmission. The model is new, so it is hard to find among the other Mack day cab trucks for sale, but this is still a great vehicle which definitely worth its price!

Mack Pinnacle — the most popular among the other Mack day cab trucks for sale

Pinnacle is a series of heavy-duty trucks that are produced since 2006. In some countries of South America, this model is sold under the name Mack Vision Elite. The vehicle has two versions, differing in appearance: one is made in a modern style, while the second has a classic angular design. This model can be bought with standard Mack MP engines with a 325 to 505 liters capacity. Since it is very popular in the US, you can easily find it on the secondary market. It is by far the cheapest among the used day cab Mack trucks for sale which offers an amazing driving experience!


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