For the last few years, the price of medium duty trucks has gone up because of the EPA requirements. Meanwhile transportation and cargo delivery cannot exist without these vehicles.

Types of medium duty trucks for sale

The basis of any trucking is the use for it powerful transport. American trucks are distinguished by body type. The most common of these vehicles are the onboard platform trucks. This type of body is considered basic and designed to carry any cargo. However, there are several other types of bodies intended for the carriage of a certain type of cargo. For instance, vans and box trucks are used for boxed and packaged loads and packaged loads, while container carriers are designed for cargo transportation. Tank trucks transport liquid cargoes, bulk trucks carry bulk cargoes, etc.

All trucks can be divided into the following categories by body type:

  • Semi-trailers are the most common type of cargo transportation. They are designed for most loads. The average carrying capacity varies from 20 to 25 tons.
  • Refrigerators are semi-trailers equipped with refrigeration units are intended for the carriage of perishable goods. You can set the temperature from +25 to -25 C in their refrigerator compartment. The average carrying capacity of such types of trucks is 12-20 tons.
  • Semi-Trailer Couplings are very convenient for loading and unloading — they are very functional. They can carry any cargo, except for long stuff. Their capacity varies from 16 to 25 tons.
  • Jumbo are trailers of increased capacity. The diameter of the wheels is reduced, and their trailer’s floor has an “L” letter shape. The average carrying capacity of such trailers reaches 20 tons.
  • Tank trucks transport of liquids and bulk cargo.
  • Dump trucks carry bulk cargo, etc.

There are other specialized types of American medium duty trucks bodies.

Popular American trucks for sale

The most popular American trucks are Kenworth, Freightliner, Navistar and Sterling Trucks vehicles.

Kenworth trucks created for the needs of the forestry and woodworking industry, as well as to meet the increased requirements of agriculture and mining in various areas of the country, are also used for other purposes. For instance, reliable Kenworth garbage trucks take the garbage out.

Many people know that powerful Freightliner trucks are the leaders of the American market. Freightliner offers over 15 families of models of various types.

Sterling Trucks is an American truck manufacturer, a subsidiary of Freightliner LLC. The company manufactures special trucks designed to perform various jobs. For example:

  • Garbage trucks;
  • Dump trucks;
  • Concrete mixers;
  • Tank trucks;
  • Tow trucks.

Navistar International produces medium-duty trucks, heavy trucks and service vehicles (special equipment).

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