Best Medium Duty Trucks: Overview of the Most Reputable Models

Best medium duty trucks

If right now you are working on the opportunities for the advancement of your career and searching for the new truck fleet, you definitely know how difficult it is to render the right decision. It is really hard to select the best medium duty truck. The modern market is overwhelmed with various options and not all of them deserve your attention. Even if you are a seasoned manager, it is a challenge to define the best options. 

In this review, we’ll bandy at the best medium duty trucks and decide what vehicles can comply with your demands. If you are going to purchase the truck fleet, the primary thing you ought to do is to read various mid size truck ratings. The information, given in them, will definitely help you make your final choice.

The Best Medium Duty Truck: Overview of the Worthy Models

Let’s analyze several models in order to identify the best medium duty truck. The first one, which deserves attention, is the Freightliner M2 Box Truck. This vehicle belongs to the category of medium-duty trucks, developed by Freightliner. This is a well-known US company specializing in manufacturing trucks of various classes.

This particular one belongs to Business Class M2. Commonly, this category is offered in an awful lot of configurations. Analyzing the cab, it is worth noting that there are three cab configurations:

  • A 106-inch BBC day cab;
  • A 132-inch BBC extended cab;
  • A 154-inch BBC 4-door cab.

This particular model is an ideal solution for those who search for good trucks and at the same time, don’t want to overpay. Having looked through all mid size truck ratings, you’ll see that this one occupies the leading positions there.

The next model is a well-known Isuzu NQR Box Truck. Trucks produced by this manufacturer can help you enhance productivity and decrease the cost of ownership. This truck is also known as a cube truck or a rolling toaster. Isuzu is regarded to be the main manufacturer of cab-over type mid duty chassis.

In sober fact, Isuzu offers an awful lot of wheelbases, cabs or powerplants. Nevertheless, all their models comply with the demands of medium-duty trucks. Engine options are also different.

Ford F450 Service Truck is one more option which deserves attention. First, it must be noted that F-series has been marketed since 1948. It is regarded to be the best-selling cars in the USA. It is sold in a medium duty conventional truck configuration. Commonly, they share the cab and interior with the F-series pickup trucks. Besides, the manufacturers also created the B-series on the basis of F-platform.

Ford F450 Service Truck is an ideal solution for those who aren’t going to transport too heavy loads but need a reliable vehicle.

Choosing your truck, don’t forget to learn the market and read professional reviews. These pieces of advice will help you form the best fleet, allowing you to earn even more! Besides, don’t hurry up to invest in the new models because in some instances, it is much better to prefer the used ones.