In recent decades, one can clearly trace the trend of rapid development in all spheres of human activity. There is no exception for freight transport as well. If today's trucks moving on the world highways are significantly different from those trucks that people used even ten years ago, what will happen to trucks in the future? Some of the manufacturers are ready to give us their vision of the future of the trucks.

The truck of the future from Volvo – safer than ever.

Sweden manufacturer has developed a model of the main tractor of 2020.  Ricardo Orell, one of the founders of Concept Truck 2020 and the head of the department of design were the first to share their ideas. According to Orell, in the nearest future all trucks will be controlled by autopilot. There will be great changes in design as well. The interior decoration of the cab of the truck, instead of the traditional dashboard, will have a thin film panel, working like a smart phone. All information will be displayed on the panel by a light touch of a finger. The driver's seat will be equipped with ventilation, and there will be a sofa in the household unit. The auto-body will have a streamlined shape, which visually reduces the size of the machine. LED optics and the direction indicators will be integrated in the front bumper of the car. Cameras will replace rear-view mirrors and will broadcast the picture on the inner surface of the windshield. Underneath the front of the car there will be a visor, which stands about 0.5 meters forward. According to the manufacturer, this protection will soften the blow in a frontal collision with another car. Another security measure from the company - a video camera on the dashboard will be aimed directly at the driver's face. This system will ensure that the driver does not fall asleep. As soon as he starts to close his eyes more and more often or close his eyes for a short time, the driver will hear a sharp signal, and will see a message on the instrument panel: "Stop and rest!" Even if the driver is distracted to the mobile phone, or starts to configure the radio, or for any other reason ceases to keep an eye on the road - the program will react to it. As you understood from the name, the truck will appear in 2020.


Freightliner Supertruck

"Supertruck" is a response of the corporation Daimler Trucks North America to the challenge of the US Department of Energy. It was 2009 when officials offered tractor manufacturers to create a truck that will be twice more effective than a mass one. The goal is achieved - a concept truck is 115% more economic than a standard one.

Supertruck - is the brainchild of several companies. Its technologies were provided by Freightliner, Detroit Engines, Mercedes-Benz and Fuso. First of all, Supertruck boasts its aerodynamics - 54% better than the standard truck. That was achieved thanks to the closed wheel arches, air suspension of the tractor, reduced clearance, closed grille shutters, retractable shutters between the tractor and wagon.

The weight is reduced by 318 kg thanks to the lighter frame and another suspension. Hybrid diesel-electric powertrain uses not only the recovery of braking energy but also thermal energy - the heated exhaust energy. Michelin tires with low rolling resistance reduce the consumption of diesel fuel. Crease-control, combined with a GPS-navigation, in advance turns on the right gear before the descent or ascent. Finally, the entire roof is covered with solar panels, whose energy is enough for a refrigerated trailer autonomous work.


The future of the trucks is quite promising, but al creators agree the current technology is not suitable for mass production of such trucks.