Truck driving tips for experienced drivers and newcomers

Truck driver

In the process of work, there can be different situations that even the experienced trucker can get lost. To prevent this, it is important to be savvy on some issues. These tips will help to be ready for a variety of circumstances that may occur on the high road.

How to behave in a storm?

Bad weather is one of the main enemies of truckers. Both beginners and experienced truck drivers agree on this statement.
It is necessary to insulate every truck, preparing for the onset of winter cold. Many cars in winter are unable to quickly heat the engine and maintain its optimum temperature mode, especially when working without load. Warm your radiator! Your health and the "health" of the engine depend on this, as well as it significantly affects the fuel consumption.
Maximize the depressurization of the cabin. If the cabin is old, it's recommended that for the winter, to cover right side windows with a transparent tape, and a protective blanket should be sewn on the front lining of the cabin.

Choose the right place for parking in winter

When parking, try to always be so that in the morning the first rays of the sun warmed you and your cabin. Never go on a trip without a refueled gas cylinder, grocery stainless stock and a full can of clean drinking water. Keep an eye on clothes and carry with you a fur coat and warm boots.

The driver freezes in the cabin gets sick

In the cab, all drivers, especially truckers, should smell like home. It's much easier for a driver to work and live in a truck when it's not just a truck, but this is his house on wheels, in which he spends most of his life. A real house, warm, cozy, hearty, hospitable and reliable. Create an atmosphere to feel at home. This will help to recover faster. Watch for the presence of medications in the first-aid kit before the trip.

Watch the radio transmitter

The second condition for a successful trip is the tuning of radio frequencies, which are used by truck drivers. This will give you the opportunity to be informed in advance about everything that happens on the road: the presence of traffic jams, road repairs, accidents, as well as the availability of police posts on the road. If your truck got into an accident, the use of this radio frequency that will help you to call for help by passing a signal along the chain of long distance truck drivers.

Know your route in detail

The main condition for the successful operation of the truck driver is a thorough knowledge of the route. This includes data on the state of the road, the points of refueling the car with fuel, the availability of convenient and safe resting areas. The main features of the route can be studied using road maps or navigators.
For this purpose, buy the latest versions of road maps, and better buy a reliable GPS navigator, which will help you to download maps of cities around the world.

U-turn on the narrow road

Sometimes it is necessary to change the driving direction due to various circumstances. The width of the road does not always allow you to turn around a long sleeper truck with a trailer. To make a turn, it is necessary to unhook the trailer. This can reduce the radius and prepare the truck for maneuver. The trailer must be left on the roadside, and then the truck must be adjusted perpendicular to the trailer. Then you need to hook the cargo and make a turn. This method allows you to reduce the number of maneuvers and the radius of the turn. During a turn, it is tiresome to make sure that there are no transport means nearby and the maneuver is performed on the permitted road section.

Stock up with some useful gadgets 

Keep a couple of garbage bags in the truck. If your clothes get wet or soaked with fuel, you can leave it in the bag until you reach the washing machine. Buy a good bandage on the eyes. It will help you fall asleep during the day when the bright light shines. Use a pad with a clamp (which is also called a portable desktop). It will protect your documents from wind, rain, and dirt and will store all of your papers and receipts in one place.