A truck sleeper is a special compartment, which is attached to a tractor’s cabin. It is supposed to provide the driver with more space to relax or sleep. They are becoming more and more popular nowadays because of the new safety regulations.

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the maximum amount of time drivers allowed to work without a rest is equals to 11 hours. These limits have seriously raised the demand for trucks with a sleeper. Many truckers have been in situations when they had to find a place to sleep. Instead of paying for a motel, it is usually much more economical and sometimes even more convenient to sleep right in your own vehicle. That is why a truck with a sleeper become very common in the recent years.

We are going to review the top models of the best trucks with sleepers of the following brands:

  • Volvo;
  • Freightliner;
  • International;
  • Kenworth;
  • Peterbilt;
  • Mack.

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Best Volvo trucks with sleeper

This brand has many good models with a sleeping compartment. The best of the recent Volvo trucks with a sleeper is VNL 670 and VNL 630. The first one is their best-selling truck that has the 61-inch high-roof sleeping compartment and the second is a mid-roof model with a sleeper of the same height. Both of them are very good – VNL 670 offers the maximum comfort, and VNL 630 is extremely fuel-efficient.

Best Freightliner trucks with sleeper

The Freightliner’s most famous sleepers are Cascadia Evolution, New Cascadia, and Freightliner 122SD. All these models have amazing cabs that are a pleasure to be in. Cascadia Evolution is the choice of those people who are looking for the highest possible fuel efficiency. New Cascadia is even more efficient and has an improved design, but is much more expensive. Finally, Freightliner 122SD is the most powerful truck of them all, which is made to deal with the most demanding jobs.

Best International trucks with sleeper

The best truck with sleeper for sale from International is RH Series 56" HI-Rise Sleeper with Roof Fairing. It has a high roof and extra comfortable sleeping compartment. The manufacturer tried to maximally increase the elbow room and legroom, so this is the perfect option for drivers with a big body size seeking for spacious cabs.

Best Kenworth trucks with sleeper

Kenworth themselves claim that the Kenworth T680 is their best sleeper, and we tend to agree with the company’s marketers. The T680 series models come with amazingly designed sleepers. The 76-inch roof sleeper even offers space for flat screen monitors, microwave, large freezer and a wardrobe!

Best Peterbilt trucks with sleeper

Peterbilt has three models with sleepers: 579, 587 and 389. The 579 is the choice of cost-conscious companies, as it offers the best fuel-efficiency among the other trucks of the brand. The 587 and the 389 are more environmentally friendly versions of the 579 with a better design.

Best Mack trucks with sleeper

This brand offers two sleepers: Axle Forward (max payload capacity) and Axle Back (great for dry van and dump trailer application). They differ by the height but have pretty much the same interior.


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