All leading transportation experts agree – International Prostar trucks set new standards of massive contemporary vehicles. It is known for the best driver ability, fuel economy, and reliability. International Prostar Truck is a real king of highway trucks.

About Prostar Trucks 

The first copies of this huge truck appeared in 2006. That time the USA International Trucks Company manufactured a gigantic vehicle with a 7-meter length, 2.7 width and a height of 4 m. The exterior of the first model was modern and somewhat extravagant. The truck had streamlined shapes and a massive chrome grille – the vehicle looked indestructible.

Contemporary interior of International Prostar trucks

International Prostar truck interior design significantly differs from everything that was produced by this company before. For instance, it has a semicircular dash panel and multifunctional steering wheel. Caring about truckers spending much time on the road, the company designed a cabin resembling a hotel room with an air conditioning system and great noise isolation. The bed is wide – a window and a soft cozy rug on the floor remind a driver a room in his house. Refrigerator cares about storing much food, and the video system never lets the driver get bored at the truck stop.

Prostar Truck performance and specifications

International Prostar boasts high performance in terms of economy and environmental friendliness. Various Prostar truck models come with 11 and 13 L engines, which power varies from 300 to 500 HP. Transmission can be either a manual one (10, 13, 15 or 18 speed) or an automatic for 10 or 18 speed. The warranty period of the vehicle lasts 10 years, and its lifetime is not specified at all: it will serve a driver for long.

Manufacturing the latest vehicle models, the company has achieved the excellent performance of the truck. Fuel economy was improved by 20% – now the truck consumes only 7-8 gallons of gas per a mile. The access to all truck systems is simplified – time spent by the truck in service is significantly cut now. For instance, the transmission can be completely replaced in 90 minutes. Cummins ISX series engines (385 to 525 HP) run the earlier vehicles, but diesel Caterpillar C13 (380 - 470 hp) and C15 (435 - 500 hp) engines are installed on the latest Prostar trucks. International Prostar can be optionally equipped with ESP in the braking system. The list of improvements in the latest 2016 -2017 models includes better head optics and lighting, reinforced engine noise insulation and better safety (there is a special bar under the front bumper).

Picking your Prostar truck, consider its performance and comfort. Remember that 2007-2008 vehicles cost 4-6 times less than new models, but show the same power and reliability. For instance, Conventional Premium 2017 models cost about $118,000 – $120, 000, the trucks manufactured in 2015-2014 prices reach $78,000 while the earlier models come for $20,000 and even less. Meanwhile, the price is «built» from various specifications. Get this info online or call us for the details.


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